What a Youtube subscriber or link really is and why it's important Lesson #2


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I am going to attempt to keep this simple guys. You all want subscribers on your Youtube channel and if you have a website you would want inbound links. Having links to your website is the same as having a Youtube subscriber on your channel. Any link in is a vote of confidence for your creative work but all votes are not counted the same within the search engines algorithm. For example if PewDiePie subscribes to you that is not the same thing as someone who creates a new channel with ten subscribers. Another factor is if the two channels have the same content. A good link or subscriber is from a channel that has similar or related content. You might say that's not fair and that all links should be equal but if you want to understand the algorithm you should know that some links will boost your ranking more than others. Why you might ask? That is because it is important that they are relevant and also the ranking of the site that is linking in. Here is an article with an overview: http://www.shoutoutstudio.com/simple-methods-inbound-link-building-website/

Another factor is that Youtube streamers will often have subscribers who enjoy watching streams but if they decide to do something different such as making a music video their viewers might not be interested in watching and they might even unsubscribe. Keep that in mind if you make Minecraft videos and then decide to switch to Roblox videos you might lose a good portion of your audience so before making a change like that ask yourself. "Can I gain back more viewers in the long wrong or would it be better to start a new channel for Roblox and to keep them separate?" Many Youtubers have different channels for different content and that is a good thing.