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Update: The new rules are now in effect. Thank you for providing your feedback!

Hello CatsCraft Community,

We have been redesigning our rules for the server. In order to ensure that our rules benefit the community as a whole, we would like to get feedback from you. If you have anything you'd like to recommend, reply to this thread with your feedback!

These are the general server rules. These apply to all players.

[1] Do not grief other players' builds.

Griefing is strictly prohibited. If your build has been griefed, please report the griefing to our staff members so that we can help you.

[2] No trolling/starting drama.

Our goal is to maintain a fun and safe environment for our players. Please report any trolling/drama to our staff members.

[3] Be respectful/treat others equally.

All players are required to be respectful to each other. Everyone is allowed to play on our server, including those who are within the LGBT community. Please address any players in the LGBT community by their preferred pronoun. Harassment or discrimination of other players will not be tolerated.

[4] No advertising/spamming.

Advertisements and spam are annoying to other players. We ask that you be courteous and use the chat for talking to other players.

[5] Do not use vulgar language.

We have younger players on this server. Please do not use any lanugage that could be seen as inappropriate.

[6] Do not exploit any bugs in the server or the game.

We do not allow exploiting bugs in the server or Minecraft itself. If you notice a bug within the server, please send a message to our Developers.

[7] No cheating.

Cheating gives players an unfair advantage and is therefore not allowed. This includes the use of cheating mods/hacked clients.

[8] Do not build anything inappropriate.

All content must be family-friendly. Inappropriate builds will be removed.

[9] Do not lag the server or other players.

Lagging the server causes problems for others. If you are doing something that is lagging the server/other players, please be polite and stop.

[10] Do not trap other players.

Plot/AFK traps are not allowed. This is annoying and can ruin the fun for other players.

These are the rules for promotions. During promotions, we will ask that all players follow these rules.

[1] Be patient.

Please be patient when we are doing promotions. You will not receive a promotion every week.

[2] Do not ask for a promotion.

Asking for promotions is annoying to others. This can result in the time before your next promotion being extended.

[3] Be quiet during promotions.

Please be courteous by not using the public chat during promotions.

[4] Do not distract the Owners during promotions.

If you need help, please send a message to a member of our staff team.

[5] Do not start drama.

Don't be upset if you didn't get a promotion. There is always next week!

These are the rules for theme parks. All theme parks and their respective teams will be required to follow them.

[1] Remain civil to other players.

Disrespecting others, starting problems/fighting, accusing others of stealing, and other forms of mistreatment are not allowed. If you are having problems with another player, please talk to one of our staff members.

[2] Nobody is above the rules.

In order to keep the server fun and safe, everybody has to follow our rules. Please keep this in mind.

[3] Maintain a welcoming environment for all players.

Everyone is welcome to play on our server. Any form of mistreatment will result in disciplinary action.

[4] Respect everyone's right to play on CatsCraft.

Players are free to build whatever they please as long as it is family-friendly. Players are not allowed to criticize others for what they build or stop them from building. It doesn't matter how different or similar it is.

[5] Be patient while we are helping other players.

Please be courteous by remaining patient while the Owners/staff members are helping other players. Do not attempt to pull attention away from other players while we are helping them.

[6] Be mindful of other players' time.

Everybody has a life outside the game and can't focus 100% of their time on Minecraft. If a player says that they can't do something right now, please be respectful and accept their answer. Nagging other players is strictly prohibited.

[7] Use Jukebox and other additional features responsibly.

We provide these features to expand the possibilites for content creators. We will not grant access to things that could cause problems for other players. If you would like to use one of these features or report misuse, please contact the Owners. Please be patient while we are discussing your request.

CatsCraft and its staff members reserve the right to take disciplinary action for violations of these rules.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread! If you would like to leave feedback, reply to this thread with your recommendations.
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