Theme Park Build Contest Results


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Administrator of Unban Appeals
The winners of the Theme Park build contest are:
1 Kuomaster1, Minecraftman8000, Redorangestarr
2 yerawizardpansy
3 flanaboo
4 Dra3gonsla3yer45
5 ashxii
6 chaosconnor401
7 queenpikachu

Top 3 winners get their name colored in chat with a maximum of 3 colors. Fourth through tenth place can also have their chat names colored with a maximum of 2 colors. Each of the 10 winners will have their build warp in the trophy room at the creative spawn. If you are one of the winners to claim your prize message one of the owners (migigurl, tannianna and happylawnngnome) in game.

There is also a token prize for winners of the build contest.
1st Place winners will receive 350 tokens.
2nd Place winners will receive 300 tokens.
3rd Place winners will receive 250 tokens.
And 4th-10th place winners will each receive 100 tokens.