Staff Application


Multi-Platform Gamer.
Question 1. What is your mc name and have you ever changed your minecraft in game name? If so please list all previous names.
My current username is AfterShock360. I used to be called Builder1776 until several years ago.
Question 2. What rank are you applying for? (Ranks can be found at /warp help in game)
Question 3. What is your current rank on Catscraft?
Super Mod.
Question 4. Would you promote players on Catscraft without the owners' permission?
Absolutely not. They could ask me to go through the owners, but I could in no way take action on that without permission.
Question 5. Will you mute people who are breaking the chat rules, swearing, spamming, etc? If so how long?
They would get one warning, with reasons for the warning. Any further rule breaking will result in a ban of first 10 minutes, then 1 hour, then until the owners say otherwise.
Question 6. Will you try to set a good example for other players and staff?
For sure. I always try to be friendly and a good rule follower. It's supposed to be a friendly-friendly server, and I'd set an example for everyone.
Question 7 Have you read the rules in /rules and do you agree to follow them?
Yes and yes.
Question 8. What date are you submitting this application?
Question 9. If you mute. ban or tempban a player will you tell an owner? (The owners are Tannianna, angrylawnnGnome and migigurl.)
Yes. They will always be well-informed on any authoritative action I take.
Question 10. Why do you want to be staff on Catscraft?
I feel I can be a big help to the server, both by keeping it safe and building it up to be better. I like the server, and I want to make sure others can enjoy it too, considering active family-friendly servers are hard to come by.
Question 11. Have you ever been banned/tempbanned on Catscraft?
I was victim to a hacker attack causing a ban from the hacker using alts, and I am currently under a ban due to Spartan from a flying speed mod that was permitted by angrylawnnGnome, and it is being worked out.
Question 12. Do you have any experience with being staff on Minecraft or other games?
Yes, as I am currently a mod on the server. I own a private Minecraft server as well that I have much experience with.
Question 13. How often can you moderate? example: how many days or hours approximately?
I'm not entirely sure due to family plans over the Summer and school the rest of the year, but I will provide more info as time goes on.
Question 14. How can we contact you? (Skype, Discord)
Discord at AfterShock360#0647.
Question 15. How long have you played Minecraft?
Since 2013.
Question 16. How long have you played Catscraft?
About a year.
Question 17. Do you share your Minecraft account with anyone else?
Nope, never. It's my account and my account only.