Staff Application: :)

Question 1. What is your mc name and have you ever changed your minecraft in game name? If so please list all previous names.
Question 2. What rank are you applying for? (Ranks can be found at /warp help in game) Mod or admin
Question 3. What is your current rank on Catscraft? Member or guest
Question 4. Would you promote players on Catscraft without the owners permission? No, I would ask a higher staff member like dev or owner
Question 5. Will you mute people who are breaking the chat rules, swearing, spamming, etc? If so how long? I would mute them because they spamming swearing in chat or rules and if they keep getting 3 warns well be perm muted but if 1 or 2 warns temp mute 30 days or lower.
Question 6. Will you try to set a good example for other players and staff? Yes, I well show my appreciation and my maturely and my respect to other staff and players they deserve respect from staff or players
Question 7 Have you read the rules in /rules, and do you agree to follow them? Yes, I have read these respectful wishes of these nice rules
Question 8. What date are you submitting this application? 12 or 1 oclock January 3 2019
Question 9. If you mute. ban or tempban a player will you tell an owner? (The owners are Tannianna, angrylawnnGnome and migigurl.) I would /note if they have the plugins and type in the mute or ban or tempban of the player and tell them all of my work I have done of this job
Question 10. Why do you want to be staff on Catscraft?
You should accept me for Staff because, I take great pleasure in helping people who are in need or whol have questions. I am very unbiased and I like to be friendly to everyone. I have decent experience in minecraft from both the perspective of a player and of an helper/moderator. I would love to help this server grow and to become as large and prosperous as possible. I think that this would be a great learning opportunity for me as I am always trying to obtain more experience and knowledge both in minecraft and with the interaction of my fellow players. I am also very active with being able to play everyday anywhere from 1 or 2 per hour a day These rates may fluctuate but will never drop below approximately 2 hour per day. (Weekend minimums at 1 to 5 hours exception of being away from home an event such as a trip, if this were to happen I would inform you) I also consider myself to be an intelligent individual with good grades in 7th grade abouslye to learn new things and I plan to go to 6th form (A levels) to study game development. I try to be very humble and if I am proven wrong I will take it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes rather than get defensive and hostile.
Question 11. Have you ever been banned/tempbanned on Catscraft? No, and I hope I never get bann on this server because its beautiful and amazing all the staff and owners so nice this community give mes good luck
Question 12. Do you have any experience with being staff on minecraft or other games? Yes, I been staff on 3 servers 1, my server 2, mod on a server 3, a Admin on my friends server that once was online last year but got shutdown or greifed
Question 13. How often can you moderate? example: how many days or hours approximately? 30 mins or a hour or 2
Question 14. How can we contact you? (Skype, Discord) Discord
Question 15. How long have you played minecraft? Since 2016 but stoped around 2018/halfway
Question 16. How long have you played Catscraft? just for while
Question 17. Do you share your minecraft account with anyone else? No, I keep my Minecraft account safe from other people but Mojang can see peoples account so that dosent matter bc I know the owners of Mojang and there really cool, I don't give out free accounts with passwords or emails it gonna ruin my history of being a nice person for this community or any community its wrong to give out ur cool account to someone u don't even know never trust scamers or anyone ANd never trust them u never know if ur gonna get mc account again, even tho u can make another one Still [DONT] give it too anyone