Skype Question

Why does Everyone use or talk about Skype? If I would want to contact the owners, I couldn’t. I can Try to Talk Via SeedsPro but that’s it. If I were to make a staff application, Would I need Skype? Just Wondering about this. Also, does it matter if I need Skype or no?
Can I say My SeedsPro Username instead?
SeedsPro is a App for Apple And Android users available for IOS to download. You can do a Pm (private messaging) to talk to people.


i dont know
^ Adding onto that. Some staff like me still use Skype however it has more vulnerabilities and risks when it comes to using it, as it's not as secure as Discord like it was once.

If you do need the owners however there are staff that can contact them for you. I'm always open to talk to any three owners for someone over Skype, no problem. But if you do need general support, our Discord server had a help channel. (However we started being pro-active with banning so anyone banned IG is banned on the Discord, vice versa, which is done to avoid possible arguments and fights breaking out).

But Discord wins any day. ;) (Just my opinion)