Server Update


Staff member
Administrator of Unban Appeals
Due to the unacceptable amount of downtime experienced from our server host the Catscraft team has decided to change to a new host. We have been running on the new server host for almost one day now with very few problems & less lag. This new host has little to no downtime.

All Creative builds are uploaded from a December 23rd, 2018 server backup. If you are missing any builds or experience plot glitches let Tannianna know and she will bring over the old build for you. Please do not wait too long for this because once that host closes we will not be able to retrieve any old builds that did not transfer over. Any ranks that were earned on December 30th will have to be re-enetered, Be patient as the owners sort through the promo list.

Any issues that arise please notify any staff online so that the owners can work to resolve it for you.

Minigames are being reuploaded and may take a little longer to set up.