CatsCraft Discord Server:

If you have any questions about the form you can ask staff in the Discord server.

To apply for Discord server staff you must have these following requirements:

- You must be active in the chat.
- You must have been on the server for atleast 5 days.
- You may not have any warnings on the Discord server.
- You have to know what bots are and how they work in Discord.
- Make sure you have read the rules and respect them.

Make sure you have these requirements!

Please copy the questions under the line and answer them in a new forum post!
Once finished filling it out we'll get to your application as soon as possible.

Question 1: What is your Discord name? (Example: Name#0000)

Question 2: Have you been on the Discord server for atleast 5 days?

Question 3: Have you read the rules? If so then please tell us one rule which you think is most important.

Question 4: Would you give users ranks without the owners permission?

Question 5: If a user would break the rules by cursing for example what would you do?

Question 6: If you mute, kick or ban a user would you let the other staff members know?

Question 7: Why do you want to be staff on the CatsCraft Discord server?

Question 8: Do you have any experience with being staff in other discord servers or game servers?

Question 9: Will you try to set a good example for other users and staff?

Question 10: What date are you submitting this application?

Question 11: Do you share your Discord account with anyone else?

Question 12: How often can you moderate? example: how many days or hours approximately?
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i dont know
As some people may know, there are now two Discord servers (the other being ). Currently, the Discord staff applications are for the old server only. However, we *may* be looking to allowing these in the new Discord as long as it is approved by the owners. In the
meantime, I'll be one of the users overlooking applications for the Discord server unless otherwise is asked of me.

Any questions you have can easily be asked in either of the servers, or you can speak to us in a PM here on the CatsCraft website, maybe even over Discord.

Just thought that should be posted quickly. Have a good day, fellow CatsCrafters!~