News about the Gadgets


It has been 1 year since I last fully updated the Gadgets plugin (I know right, it does not feel that long ago), so in light of some new issues with it. I will be re-coding the whole plugin.
But wait, Why am I posting this here? Ohhhh now I remember.

While I am re-coding the plugin, I will be remaking the gadgets from the ground up.
So If you want to see some changes to certain gadgets by all means let be know below, also let me know of new gadgets you want added (be specific with the details)

I will be posting here more often as more features get added (and also gadget info and such).


Maybe a cool force field gadget can be added? What I'm thinking is that the gadget can be like a bunch of light blue white firework trail particles that surround you inside an orb (that everyone can see) for a short amount of time). The force field could follow you if you move. If it is possible, try making the force field out of light blue stained glass blocks. Of course if that isn't possible or its near impossible then by all means try with light blue particles.


ANOTHER ONE: Could you add a tiny rain cloud that well... rains. It can follow you around for a short amount of time, it rains on you, and the cloud be gray wool or whatever block looks best as a cloud. If it's possible maybe a single lighting strike before it dissipates.