New Build Contest!


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Starting right now till October 29th make your best THEME Park builds.

This build contest is on the on the Creative server to enter build any type of amusement - theme park themed build on your plot. If you want a bigger plot or another plot for the contest you can ask Tannianna, migigurl, or angrylawnngnome ingame for it.

Make sure you are entered !

To make sure you are entered into the contest correctly check the "/warp contest" and see that your name is on the warps board if not contact Tannianna to set a warp to your plot.

Suggestions ~ Ideas

Roller Coasters
Water Park

TOKENS will be awarded as follows

First Place = 350 TOKENS
Second Place= 300 TOKENS
Third Place = 250 TOKENS

4th to 10th Place will receive 100 Tokens.

Top 3 winners get their name colored in chat until November 30 2018 with a maximum of 3 colors. Fourth through tenth place can also have their chat names colored until Sept 30th 2018 with a maximum of 2 colors. Each of the 10 winners will have their build warp in the trophy room at the creative spawn. If you are one of the winners to claim your prize message one of the owners (migigurl, tannianna and angrylawnnGnome) in game.
each of the 10 winners will have their build warp in the Trophy room at the Creative spawn!

Don't forget to check and see if you are a winner for the Summer Time Fun Build Contest at creative spawn.

Happy building and play minecraft!


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Don't forget to enter your best Theme Park build in the build contest. Ends October 29th
Hi! I don't know if I missed it or something but were you just busy or did you mean after October 29th? I was just wondering because I couldn't find if you had voted on the builds yet! Sorry if I don't make sense. >w<