My staff application (Im herobrineexe__

Question 1. Herobrineexe__, yes i changed it, first one was callumfgaming, second one was RobloxPros, and last herobrineexe__
Question 2. Moderator

Question 3. Pro Builder

Question 4. No

Question 5. Yes, if they were being racist i would mute for 3 hours, if they were swearing i would mute for 2 hours

Question 6. Yes

Question 7 Yes I have and I do agree

Question 8. Thursday 9'th of jan 2020
Question 9. Yes

Question 10. Because I love this server and I want to help the server out, im good at worldedit, and i can build well!

Question 11. No

Question 12. Yes

Question 13. 4 days a week

Question 14. Discord

Question 15. 2 years

Question 16. 2 Months

Question 17. No
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Hi, Thank you for the application.

Promos are every Sunday at 6pm EST, make sure to join at promotions to see if you've been accepted. :D