Anyone up for PVP? 1/30/2018


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Coming soon (a day or two) we will have a new feature on creative! Players will be able to challenge other players to a duel i.e 1v1, 2v2 and if there is no one interested in a PVP at the moment you can PVP a bot! You can even set it on easy medium or hard and try out the different levels.

Step 1. The game will be available to join from a sign in the spawn and the game will be hosted in an awesome arena.
Step 2. Later on this will also be hooked up to our token economy so that the winner will be rewarded with tokens.

a smart move would be to start collecting as many tokens as possible because the auctions will be coming along real soon :)
Wait.. THEN I CAN PVP AND PRACTICE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YUSH! This is going to be flipin (sorry for sayin flippin) AMAZINGGG. These new plugins are literally a game changer for catscraft! :eek:. I am also hyped migi ;D. Cannot wait till it is out.